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Aerial pics and maps page

Hey, it might be kinda interesting to take the bird's eye view of the project as it grows from dream to reality.  We have a small collection of aerial photos and maps that might make a cool overhead scrapbook to share. 

The parcel, the way we found it, aerial taken in 2004.

The topo map, notes entered weeks after purchasing the parcel as we dreamed (the spring pond , as it was touted by the selling realtor, wound up being nothing more than a depression that collected about 2 ft of water in a bowl about 100 ft across)

After clearing about 90% of the timber for the pondsite, our NRCS guy took GPS readings around the clearing that was to define the pond basin, the dam, and the area behind the dam. The building site was not yet cleared at the S.E. end, nor the knoll. He also picked up the coordinates for the new driveway. He transferred these to the older strip map in pic #1. We added the proposed clearing for the building site and beach/knoll (yellow zones). We also added the perimeter pond road and the access roads to the building site and meadow (lite green).

All the above excavation and raw development plans have been executed. The pond is already collecting water.

We were unable to get the exact month that this 2007 aerial was taken, but my guess is around June or July.  Our county NRCS agent kindly provided it (he added the approx property boundaries in yellow, though not very accurately).  We have monitored the pond fill-up progress and this shot represents a pool level that is about 3-1/2 feet short of full.  Our NRCS guy used mapping software to approximate 4.4 surface acres.  This all figures pretty close to the 5 acres we expect when the full pool stretches the pond perimeter.  The largest final gain of water surface will occur at the NE corner of the pond as it floods the timber and creates our planned wetland zone.  If we get an average amount of precipitation during Winter/Spring '08, I expect that we will enjoy the Zen-like experience of seeing the first water splash thru the dam spillway.








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