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Nice package !

This next set of photos was a near miss.  It is a parcel just outside of Martinsville, IL.  We had a well-connected broker named Doug looking for us throughout central Illinois.  This guy had the type of inventory we wanted, a good supply, and turned it over fast.  It took about 3 months of hit and miss, but he called us one night and left a message: ".......27 acres with a real nice, crystal clear 2 - 3 acre pond.  I think this is the one".  Doug had just finished taking the photos of the property and was going to list it in a week, but we had first shot before the listing comes out.  It was 27 acres, about 12 acres wooded, 13 acres of tillable pasture, and a real nice 2 acre pond that is 22 feet deep at the dam.  We hustled down to walk it December '04 and really liked it.  The pond, albeit kinda small for our taste, was absolutely pristine; mature, deep, and clear as a bell.  We weren't crazy about the large areas of tillable pasture, but the remaining timber was very mature; big thick oaks and maples.  In fact, during our walk we ran into the owner (lived across the county road that ran down and behind the dam) and he gave us a little history on it.  Seems that it is documented in the county historical records.  The pond and surrounding area was developed back in the 1930's as a rod and gun club.  It was frequented as a retreat by many of the Chicago gangsters, including Capone.  There are pictures in the historical society of the different buildings and bath-houses built near the pond.  Since that time, it has been used for numerous social functions like fairs and other similar gatherings.  Today, it lays dormant and owned privately. 

Anyway, we discussed it's pros and cons for our desires and decided that if we could purchase it on our terms we could make it work.  Our terms?  Yep, low-ball.  We knocked 17% out of the listing price and made a pitch.  It took less than 15 minutes to be cordially told to "take a hike".  In fact, it sold for listing price one week later.


Click for Martinsville 2 Acre pond Photo Album 


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