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The best Christmas gift I could have hoped for!

On Christmas Eve, Donna and I went out to Liberty with the express purpose of double checking a very important property boundary.  If you have taken the mindless hours to read most of this website, you may remember that the level of our water (normal pool) is dictated by one draw; the east draw.  This draw (a small ravine that channels water onto Liberty) runs back up and onto our neighbor's property.  When we back up water to fill the pond, it will also back up into this draw.  No, you can't block it off!  We must allow the natural drainage to occur, plus we really need that water.  Anyway, we cannot allow it to back up onto the neighboring property, including maintaining a reasonable buffer below this "zero point".  This draw (we call it the "limiting draw") runs across a 380 ft. long property line, thus the survey stakes are 380 ft apart.  When the leaves are on the trees and bushes, it is impossible to sight between the two survey stakes....and....I was not going to pay a surveyor a few hundred bucks  to come out and "shoot it".  We tried a GPS (global positioner), but the variable findings are not super accurate.  So, we made conservative guess-timates as to the location of the draw/property-line when we started shooting the elevations for normal pool back in July '05.  Now, Christmas Eve, the leaves are gone and, you betcha, we can now sight between the stakes.  The news:  we just picked up real estate!  Not alot, but enough for me to question if our original estimate was too conservative.  Get out the laser and tripod and let's shoot 'er one mo' time!  Badda-bing....we picked up 2 more feet of water level elevation.  Put a big ribbon and bow on this one 'cuz we're gonna use it!  Thanks, Santa!


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