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This page will outline some of the individual projects that make up the entire pondsite.  For a continually updated progress report on fill-up of the actual pond, take a side-trip to the Pond Growth picture album.  For some live video stuff, check out the Pond Videos page. (be paitient, cuz the larger files gotta download and there is no meter to show the download rate) 

OK, some of the finer points of how to spend time, sweat and money....

The completed dam.  The rough guesstimate is approx 20,000 cu yards of soil moved to create the dam and fill in the valley behind it.

Another look at the dam from the opposite end.


A perimeter roadway was built up along the entire south shore of the pondsite.  It starts at the base of launch road, follows the south shore, continues across the top of the dam, and terminates at the sand beach at the knoll on the north shoreline.  It is constructed from the spoils within the pond basin it borders.

Standing on the building site, looking out over the 5+ acre hole.  The sand beach can be seen right of frame, tucked up onto the knoll we notched into the woods. 

Standing on the back edge of the knoll, looking over the sand beach (lighter soil in the foreground) toward the building site pad in the distance.  The 45' x 90' sand beach was filled with 160 tons of sand. 

Constructed the framework for a smaller pier at the sand beach.  This one is 20' long with a 12' long "L" section that hangs over deep water.


Poured a 12' x 62' concrete boat launch, bordered by the framework for a 30' long pier and a 14' x 16' deck at the end.  This effectively provides a 44' long pier section along side the launch.  The framework is in place to support the framing and colored metal roof that will cover the deck.

A panorama shot of the same project

Adding long term fish structure.  Yep, the truck and tractor tires find an afterlife as a permanent playground for fish predators.  The PVC trees will be there for a long time, too.  No snags.


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