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This Site Links page will provide a somewhat organized collection of direct links to all the different facets of development.  (the UPDATES PAGE will fill you in on any new stuff since your last visit to the LNP website) 

Liberty Home Page; Chasing a Dream

The Parcel Page; an intro to the Liberty Nature Preserve project

The Pond Page; summary of pre-development details of a 5 ac pond

Timber Page; LNP tree stuff

Driveway Page; planning development of a 1/3 mile driveway

Driveway Development; executing construction

Rough Driveway photo album; clearing the timber

Driveway Gravel photo album; 2.25 million lbs of rock

Driveway Finished photo album

Wildlife Page; pics of critters and nature sited

Searching for recreational property with a pond; a near miss

Photo Album; pics of the beginning, as we found the property

GPS Pond Map; our first aerial look at the proposed pond

Survey & Topographic map of LNP

Pond Development; clearing the timber during the Phase 1

Pond Clearing photo album #1

Pond Clearing photo album #2

Pond Clearing Completed photo album

Picked up 2 more feet of pond depth; boring story, big deal!

Winter/Spring 2005-06 preparations; man, what a list!

Building Site planning and details

Gettin' ready for a BIG 2006; time to get serious!

Let Phase 2 begin!  2006 kicks off; the big dig is ON!

Pond Drain details; plumbing a 5 acre bath tub

Dry Hydrant details; more mega plumbing

Phase 2 completion summary; one big, thirsty hole in the ground

Before & After; eye-opening pic collection

Aerial Photos and Maps; a bird's eye view of change and progress

Docks and Launch Construction photo album

Pond Growth photo album; cool photo documentary as she fills up

Pond Construction Videos; a page with links to video clips

10 x 12 Shed Construction photo album

The pond is full!  Join us as we see it full for the first time

Join us as we plan and construct a garage/apartment





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