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We are forever grasping onto any sources of inspiration and motivation.  Without these sparks, we could have easily given up months or years ago as our drive to transform 46 acres of raw timber into a personal nature preserve might have floundered into disinterest and weariness.  At this point, it has been a little over 7 years since we started by cutting in our driveway to kick off what has turned out to be a huge personal (and financial) commitment.  The progress has been, in most cases, doggedly slow, but we knew this going in and accepted it.  The sweat, tears, and achy muscles have yielded decisive wins over each battle we took on...and each of these wins provides not only a source of pride, but a kick in the ass to take on the next project.  We just got another one of those swift kicks.

We recently received a medal of honor from our supplier of the siding and trim on our garage/ apartment project.  Wausau Supply, based out of Wisconsin, reached out late summer of 2012.  They are preparing their 2013 calendar and are looking for pictures of structures that have used specific products that they provide so they can become the display picture for one of the months of the year.  Apparently, they googled around and came upon our LNP website.  The Louisiana Pacific Smartside lap siding and trim that we selected for our garage apartment is not only a product that they distribute, but we had them pre-finish it with their premium Diamond Kote maple finish.  Some of the pics within the website caught their eye and they asked us if we would like to submit our project to their Wausau Supply 2013 calendar contest.  Prizes are offered for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and categories.  What the heck....why not, right?  We shot off some of the best pics we could find and, well, whaddayaknow?  We were selected as a category winner for the LP Smartside with Diamond Kote finish!  Furthermore, we will be featured as the calendar pic for September 2013!  Too cool.

     We received a box of goodies as our prize and when the calendars are finally printed, they will send us a bunch so I can hang one in every room of our house for inspiration (or not).  Anyway, it has become a source of pride and inspiration for us, so we have given this accolade it's own web page as a way to not only show off, but to remind us that all our efforts do make a difference. 

Take a ride to the Siding and Exterior Trim page for the details....


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